Well then, if you are interested in diving head first into this world of sports betting on the UFC, there are some tips that can really make a difference. The main feature that will help you in relation to this sport is to get deeper and deeper into it, so that you know how the sport works and what possibilities may arise, based on everything that is analysed by the bettor.

Align the confrontations, as already mentioned, will bring another differential in your bets. Try to have lists that will outline the profiles of the athletes, so that you always have on hand the analysis in direct fights. It is important to look carefully at points such as recent record and listen to the informed opinion of experts on the subject. Thus, with these elements, a good analysis will already be well built.

An athlete’s card will say a lot about him. General aspects such as the number of victories and defeats are very relevant, but it is not possible to stick only with this basic information. So, new elements arise, such as seeing how the circumstances of the last fights were. Other strategies are based on the moment of the athletes, after all, human beings go through this kind of process, of sometimes being in a better or worse phase. There are athletes who abuse of their confidence in themselves and, depending on the scenario of the fight, this can already be a differential factor in their favour. But in exaggerated cases, it can also cause the fighter to go into the octagon with the “already won” spirit and end up having a big setback.

In the same way we see other athletes who value simplicity and a greater concentration. This type of characteristic is also very valid, because there are fights won in the psychological, without going too thirsty to the pot.

A good winning streak can cheer you up even more, but if the phase is bad and there are consecutive defeats, that can also lead to problems. So always be aware of extremes and how that can determine a fight’s final outcome.

Jiu-jitsu x Muay Thai


Never fail to take into consideration the ways in which athletes fight. Each has styles that hark back to their origins. Bases like boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, among others, will give a face to the fight. What can be observed in these styles is that they will be more connected to the exchange, in more explosive styles and that can enter the shelf of finished fights more quickly. The knockout in these cases is quite common.

The fans of jiu-jitsu and wrestling will already have a quite different strategy, for bringing the most dominant style. Yes, inside these fights, it is necessary to know the right moment to hit, so as not to be surprised, therefore, the fights stay longer on the ground or with a long period of the athletes looking for the best moment to attack, without abusing of the blows as punches and kicks. The good old psychological fight can be very effective in certain confrontations.

As a tip, also, don’t forget. If you are a beginner and want to know new opportunities, check the online sportsbooks. It is very easy to access the social networks of the main bookmakers and worldwide. There you will get to know in depth the ones that can offer you good welcome prizes, but also be aware of the famous “fine print”. Take the opportunity to know also the negative points, to put in the balance what will be better for you to have security when betting.

Most common bets in the UFC

UFC betting

Generally there isn’t much secret in relation to the main forms of betting, but it is always necessary to be aware of new possibilities to fatten your wallet.

For those who are not yet fully familiar with this style of betting, it is important to start with the most direct and simple methods. Then, the “beginner” will have to start studying and analysing to find out who wins the fight.

Little by little new ways will emerge and, based on what you have of information, it will be easier to venture.

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