If not all, the vast majority of bookmakers offer welcome bonuses to those who register on their websites. A very common practice, but that can vary a lot regarding the terms and conditions to be used.

Many doubts arise when looking for the best options and we are here to help you choose which offer will meet your needs.

Read carefully all the rules related to the site’s bonus


Surely this first tip will help you a lot, mainly to avoid disappointments. The terms and conditions are crucial for you to know if the offer offered is advantageous. There are many “catches”, especially with the values that you will have to disburse to have access to the bonus.

Another occurrence is that of short periods for the use of the welcome. Many people who sign up and do not read carefully end up losing the chance to use the values offered.

There are still some important rules that you should always be aware of, for example, the one that concerns the rotation of bets, which is commonly called “rollover”.

With this requirement, it is necessary that the bettor fulfils a series of bets within the value received, so that it is converted into cash. But wait, let’s take a closer look at the rollover to make it clear.

What is rollover?


A very recurrent question for those who are “first time betting” in sports betting. Even because it is not always very clear to the new user how this rotation of bets works.

The term is widely used in the sports betting environment and consists of goals to be achieved so that, then yes, the value of the welcome bonus is released or even other types of bonuses that may be granted to older users.

In this type of requirement the bonus values can, yes, be withdrawn by the user. But for that to happen, the new bettor must make a large amount of bets based on the values received from the welcome bonus.

Obviously, each site proceeds in a specific way, but the basis is similar.

To exemplify, let’s put the following situation. After registering and receiving the welcome, it is time to fulfill the “rollover”.

So, in this scenario, in order to receive the amount so that you can withdraw, the punter should do as follows (remember that this is a hypothetical case and each site will have its criteria): when making a first deposit of $ 100.00, the site will grant another 100% of the amount as a benefit, to strengthen your cashier. So, it will be another $100 bonus given, ok?

Now, to fulfill the rollover in this situation and release this money definitively, the site in question requires that five times the amount of the deposit, plus the bonus amount, be wagered.

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