There are two clear possibilities as soon as we get to know the competition. The first one is the drivers’ standings, which at the end of every round, will give the trophy to the best driver of the season. The second one goes further, because something very important in F1 is the teams’ standings, so there is also a team standings. The points of the two drivers of the team are added up and, at the end of the competition, we have the best of the season.

When a team is quite regular, it can even stay on top with both drivers, but there have been several seasons where the constructors’ title doesn’t always go to the team that has the best driver. Therefore, these are distinct disputes and it’s worth carefully observing every detail to be able to bet on who takes both the drivers’ and constructors’ titles.

The best betting markets in F1

how to bet on Formula 1

Something quite curious involving Formula 1 and other motorsport championships is that the driver and constructors’ points are received in a definitive way only after the final flag is waved or is already certain after the driver leaves the race.

This issue will therefore also permeate the betting market. So how do you bet during the races? Is there a way?

Well, we are here to tell you that yes, there are possibilities to bet during the races. But on more specific statistics. In fact, the bettor must be aware, not only on Sunday, but during all training days. This will possibly make you more profitable, with the knowledge acquired and for other possibilities. We will now list the most common and entertaining ways.

Overall Champion (drivers or teams)

Without a doubt, this is the most common way of betting found on the main websites involving F1. As mentioned before, the bettor will have the possibility to analyze the odds of the drivers or teams to win the title at the end of the stages of the entire season. And although there is the possibility to bet on both ways, the most common is still the drivers’ title. On the teams’ side, the appeal is not usually so great. But it is always worth checking, as it can be a great opportunity for profit.

But the bets don’t stop there, we’ll show in the sequence how other ways can give new opportunities, including betting against the overall championship leader.

Driver vs. Driver

bet on Formula 1

This is a very interesting betting mode, as the options are very varied with regards to what will happen in each round. We must also remember that in this type of betting, the possibilities are wider.

With the decisions made, this can be a great way to make a profit, as the odds are usually even more interesting than for more general bets, such as the drivers’ and constructors’ titles.

Single race winner

Each stage has its own characteristics and this can define who will be the winner. For this type of bet it is essential to analyse every detail, as the favourite for the title will not always win every round. A good tip for this type of bet is to look for details on past editions, to know which driver usually stands out for the track layout. Other interesting points to observe are the car conditions and even the weather conditions for that weekend. Many drivers stand out running on a wet track.

It is also worth noting that there will always be variations in odds, precisely because of more specific conditions that each track offers. There are racetracks with more open tracks, which facilitate overtaking and, in other places, even street circuits, as in Monaco. On this type of track, by having smaller spaces and tighter curves, the possibility of overtaking is greatly reduced. A good idea in these cases is to analyse who will be the “pole position” after the qualifying practice.

Holder of the fastest lap of the race

This market can be much more interesting than it seems. At a first moment you may think that the championship leader and the biggest winner of the races is the guy who will always be with the best time of the race. But this maxim is not usually true.

Podium formation

Another interesting bet, as you can bet on the three drivers that will form the podium at the end of the race. The risks are higher, but a good alternative to try to increase the chances is to observe the race and, in progress, make the bets in live mode. Despite more frequent variations in odds, you can also collect a good profit.

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