How many of us can say “yes, I am completely satisfied with my life”? Even if everything goes pretty well, there are always some points that I would like to change. But we get so used to living with it that we consider these things an integral part of adult life.

Therein lies the main problem. We cease to notice these things, we do not see anything special in them. But they poison our lives every day, even if we are used to them. Therefore, if you do not want to leave everything as it is, you need to realize that you have these problems and urgently start getting rid of them.

Violation of personal boundaries

Everyone should have personal boundaries, beyond which no one, even the closest ones, should go without your permission. How often do mothers control the privacy of their already grown children? Friends ask too intimate questions, and we do not know how to translate the conversation or point out their incorrect behaviour. Maybe you have the 22Bet App downloaded on your smartphone, playing different games and do not want to share it with the others. As a result, we feel, to put it mildly, not very good, later accusing us of weak character.



Resentment is a complex feeling that occurs when our expectations do not match reality. Psychologists call it destructive because it has a destructive effect not only on relationships, but also on the internal state of a person, and often leads to serious psychosomatic illnesses.

Resentment is also considered a childish feeling because no matter how old we are, a small child always lives inside us. He does not know how to deal with negative emotions in an environmentally friendly way, and reacts in the simplest and most familiar way for him – he is offended. 

Shifting responsibility to others

It is always easier to blame another person or circumstances for all your troubles. Thinking that you’re not getting a promotion just because of a boss who has his favourites is easier than analyzing your behaviour and performance. It is easier to blame the state for the constant lack of money than to find another job or open a business. 

The problem is that no one and nothing will make you happy and change your life for the better. Until you begin to take steps towards what you dream of, there is no need to wait for any changes.

Fear of taking advantage of opportunities

Fear of taking advantage of opportunities

Opportunities are waiting for us everywhere, but we either do not notice them or are afraid to take them. We are afraid to exchange our albeit not too comfortable, but familiar life, for something unknown. Because of this, we have been working at a hated job for years, refusing a tempting offer, not implementing the ideas that came into our heads.

The reasons for this fear are low self-esteem, negative parental attitudes that we unconsciously copy, and bad past experiences. Getting rid of this requires painstaking work on yourself.

Low self-esteem

As long as your self-esteem is low, you will consider yourself unworthy of a good job, a loving person nearby, and financial well-being. The problem is that in our culture it is not customary to praise yourself and celebrate your merits. On the contrary, modesty and an emphasis on negative qualities that need to be eradicated in oneself are welcomed.

Adequate self-esteem is the basis without which you cannot move further on the path to improving your life. Until you allow yourself to have everything you want, this is what will bypass you.

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