This is another launch of Ortiz Gaming, a company that grows more and more and has been conquering players from around the world with its expansion.

Come and have fun.

The video bingo has 60 balls, 30 of which are drawn. In addition, 10 extra balls are offered if just one number is missing for a winning sequence.

Your cards contain 15 numbers and you can play up to 4 of them. As the numbers are not repeated between the cards, they are all marked. You just have to hope they are all on the same ticket.

The best part of the game is Big Eye, a unique character that can triple your winnings and make you a big profit. All you have to do is mark the four lines around the card.

On top of that, you have 12 ways to win. Prizes start with a single line that pays 3 times the amount bet. A full line pays 1,500 times your bet.

On top of that, there’s a jackpot available. To win this jackpot, you need to hit a full coin with 30 balls or less.

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How to play Video Bingo Triple Bonus HD

Follow our tips to have no doubts about how to play Triple Bonus HD video bingo. But it’s worth remembering that here you play for free to become an expert.

Start the game by clicking on the coin to set the amount of each credit you’re going to bet. Click on the coin to set the amount of credits you wish to wager, correct? Once you’ve placed your bets, you can choose how many credits you want to bet per ticket. Your total bet amount will be the multiplication of these values.

After that, it’s time to configure your betting slips. You can change the amount and the numbers each one of them will have. You can play with up to four cards.

You can play with up to four cards. But don’t worry, the dialing is automatic. This way you can also change the speed of the draw.

Once you’ve made your settings, it’s time to hit play and the draw begins. The drawn numbers are marked with a red “X”. The missing numbers to complete a sequence are flashing yellow and red.

After the draw 30 balls may be offered extra balls, you decide whether to buy or start a new round.

If you manage to activate the game bonus, just spin the reels to find the prizes. The bonus is closed when you find two X’s.

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Video Bingo Triple Bonus HD theme, design and graphics

Triple Bonus HD slot

Triple Bonus HD video bingo has a very modern theme. It features cool characters, such as Big Eye, and has a style that puts you in the mood to play for hours and hours.

This video bingo has one of the most modern designs today. The layout of the elements is perfect, making the game simple and charming.

The graphics of the game deserve to be highlighted by the agility and quality. Triple Bonus HD video bingo can be played on any platform without crashing, because it is a very light game that does not need to be downloaded.

How to win at Video Bingo Triple Bonus HD

Triple Bonus HD game

The secret to winning at Triple Bonus HD video bingo is persistence and courage. On the one hand the prizes don’t come very often but on the other hand they are usually high.

That’s why it’s important that you play with chances to win the jackpot, so you must have all four cards active and bet at least three credits per card.

Our suggestion is that you always keep three credits or more and increase the value of each credit if you win a good prize.

Remember, in highly volatile games like this, it’s better to bet big rather than bet big.

When you have the opportunity to buy extra balls at a low price it is worth it. The more expensive balls should be carefully evaluated so as not to jeopardize your credits for the next round.

There’s no way to win if you don’t play at an online casino for real money. Isn’t that so?

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